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The history of Radley Electric, Inc. begins with its founder, Ernest Elmer Radley. Always the hard-working and honest-dealing man with a big smile, Ernie—as he was called by his siblings and close friends—never met a stranger and never failed to help anyone in need. Ernie carried his good nature into all aspects of his life and was always willing to provide work or a loan of his hard-earned money to folks in need, regardless of ethnic background.

Ernie’s career began when he was a young man. Filled with self-determination and drive, he learned electrical work while helping his father, Jess Radley, who was a carpenter and a builder of churches before skill saws or laser levels were invented. In the early 1920s electricity was a relatively new convenience, and as a young man, Ernest was hired by Gulf Sates Utilities Company as a helper in a line crew building power lines throughout east and central Texas. He observed the linemen as they went about working at the lofty heights of ninety-foot tall power poles,

Soon afterward one of the linemen was dismissed and Ernie filled the man’s place on the poles.In later years, Ernie was elevated to District Electrician of the Liberty District, serving Raywood, Daisetta, Hull and Batson and eventually transferred to serve Sour Lake, Nome, China, Batson and Saratoga. In those days GSU performed free maintenance for oilfield and residential customers. Free appliance repairs was also a standard service. When he was done reading meters and chasing power outages, he repaired toasters, electric skillets and clothing irons that had been left at his office, or he made hous

Community Involvement

Radley Electric is a community service oriented company, and our employees are encouraged to be an active part in the improvement of Sour Lake.

Radley Electric is a member of Sour Lake’s Chamber of Commerce and contributes regularly to Sour Lake Volunteer Fire Department and EMS, Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District, Old Timers Day, and Twin County Youth Baseball.


Radley Electric, Inc. is continuously resolute to safety first, safety last, and safety ALWAYS. Our safety manager, Jonathan Volosin a Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) in construction and general industry is dedicated to managing safety in all aspects of the Electrical Trades. We strive to ensure that all local, state and federal regulations stemming from the planning phase to the completion of work is implemented into our work. Radley Electric, Inc. understands that the employees are the most important asset and their safety is our greatest responsibility. Job hazard assessments are completed on site prior to work to discern and mitigate any associated risk therein.  Our employees are supplied with the proper training, clothing, tools, and equipment to complete all task at hand. Daily inspections are conducted by a competent person and recorded prior to any use of tools or equipment. Weekly and monthly safety meeting are conducted by the safety manager, ensuring all training and education that shall be conducted is covered and understood by all. Radley Electric aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all those associated with us.

The REI Team

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CEO & Operations

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Projects and Vp

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Office Manager

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Jonathon Volosin

Safety Manager

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